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Known as the record that helped launch the Beatles

March 22, 2016
By James Massey

WARRINGTON, UK - Omega Auctions reports a rare forgotten Beatles record has fetched $110,000 (£77,500). Rocketing well past it's pre-sale estimate of $14,000.

Why So Much?

The record, a 10-inch acetate (78 RPM) with ‘Hello Little Girl’ on one side and ‘Till There Was You,’ is a significant piece of memorabilia tied to the Beatles history.

The record was pressed at an HMV record store in London in 1962.

Shortly thereafter it was given to George Martin (EMI) by the group’s manager Brian Epstein (the labels are handwritten by Epstein) in an attempt to secure a recording contract for the group.

In 1963 the record was returned by Martin to Epstein. Epstein then gave the record to Les Maguire, a keyboardist with a fellow Liverpool act, Gerry and the Pacemakers. After that the record was reportedly forgotten for decades in Maguire's home.

The historical significance and rarity as an early piece of Beatles memorabilia, was best described by Omega Auctions in their pre-sale press release (PDF).

"This acetate is a unique item that, in many respects, helped Brain Epstein to start the ball rolling to musical world domination. It will fascinate Beatles collectors worldwide and no doubt attract bids from those with deep pockets.”

It appears they were right.

Video: More about the record (source: NewsBeat Social).


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