FOUND > $15 Flea Market Diamond Worth $450,000

Owner Didn't Know it was a Real and Wore It for 30-Years

The 19th-century 26.27 carat White Diamond Ring that was mistaken for Costume Jewelry.

May 24, 2017
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

LONDON (VIDEO) – Sotheby's reports, a $15 ring bought as 'costume jewelry' at a flea market, turned out to be a rare antique diamond expected to fetch up to $450,000 at auction.

The Global News, based in Canada, has produced an exceptional video of the diamond ring, with Jeff Semple reporting the back story in greater depth. You'll want to note they quote the estimate in Canadian dollars at $600,000.

Unknowingly Worn for Decades

The owner, thinking they had purchased costume jewelry, reportedly wore the ring daily for nearly 30-years, until learning that it was valuable. The 26.27 carat antique cushion-shaped diamond, is indeed real, and valuable.

Hidden by its 19th-Century Style

An interesting BBC interview with Jessica Wyndham, Sotheby's jewelry specialist, reveals why the rings value was most likely missed. The owner assumed it was not real because it lacked the sparkle of a diamond.

However, Wyndham states older methods of diamond cutting were "slightly duller and deeper" than today, which "could trick people into thinking it's not a genuine stone."

Auction Coming Soon...

The diamond ring will be sold in London on June 7, 2017 at Sotheby's. The current auction estimate for the diamond ring is $320,550 - $448,770 (£250,000 - £350,000). The ring is listed on Sotheby's website as lot number 364.


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