SOLD - Vintage Disney Map Fetches $708,000

Drawn in Days... it Launched a Magic Kingdom

CBS Philly reports on the sale of the hand-drawn vintage Disneyland map.

July 4, 2017
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA (VIDEO) – CBS Philly reports, a hand-drawn Vintage Map of Disneyland, created to convince investors to finance the building of the park, has fetched $708,000 at auction.

Map was a Last-Minute Idea

The idea for a map came to Walt in 1953, a few days before Roy was set to travel to New York for the investor meeting. To get it done, he had to convince artist Herb Ryman to do the work in just two-days.

Given-Away as Gift

In 1955, Walt Disney gave the map to Grenade Curran a Disney production assistant. In the 1970s Curran sold the map to Ron Clark, a Disneyana collector. Clark is the one who sold the map in this auction.

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Auction Information

Van Eaton Galleries (ebay store), sold the map on June 25, 2017 for $708,000. The sale is reportedly is the highest amount ever paid for a Disney Map. The gallery specializes in fine art, animation art, and Disney related items.

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