FOUND > Vintage Video Game May Fetch $30,000

Discovered in thrift store... then forgotten on a shelf

The rare game is described as still sealed In original factory packaging.

July 6, 2017
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

QUEENS, NEW YORK (VIDEO) – A vintage Nintendo video game reportedly found in a thrift store may fetch over $30,000 in an ebay auction.

If authentic, the game described as a factory sealed Bandai Nintendo (NES) Stadium Events, is one of the rarest video games available to the collector market.

Extremely Rare

The video game is extremely rare. Only 200 copies are thought to have sold before being recalled by Nintendo, for re-branding, shortly after the 1987 release.

Found... then Forgotten

According to the seller's YouTube video, the copy was found by the sellers mother-in-law, who had picked it up at a local thrift shop for her son (the sellers husband) because she thought he might like it.

Apparently she later forgot about the game. While visiting his mom, the son noticed it on a shelf in his childhood room. After he asked about it, he found out it was for him, and he began researching it.

Some Fetch $30,000... or More

Bandai Stadium Events is highly desired by top Video Game Collectors, who sometimes pay more than $30,000 for copies in excellent condition.

Here's an example: (note: net final prices may vary due to currency exchange rates and/or buyer premiums):

Auction Information

The ebay sellers ten-day auction began July 1, 2017, with an opening bid of $9000. The sale is scheduled to end Tuesday, July 11, at 8:11am (PST).

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