FOUND > Tiny Vase Fetches $54,000

Owner had no idea it was so valuable

The vase (pictured) rocketed past its $40 estimate to fetch $54,000.

January 19, 2018
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

MELTON MOWBRAY, UK – Shouler & Son are reporting, a vase expected to fetch $40 (£30) at auction. Astonished its owner by fetching $54,000 (£40,000) after a fierce bidding war.


The vase, was brought to the auctioneer by a local resident clearing out items from her home. Included with a tray full of Chinese pottery, which mostly had chips or cracks.

However, according to Shouler & Son sale room manager, Ian King. "The vase was in perfect condition." Adding; "(she) had no idea she had anything of such value."

The 18th-century Chinese vase, 3-inches tall, is from the Yong Dynasty with a Yongzheng (1723-35) mark, according to a report by the Antiques Trade Gazette. Those traits definitely caught the attention of collectors.

The $54,000 (£40,000) sale price, set a new record for the auction house, and certainly surprised the auctioneer and seller in the best of ways, by fetching one-thousand-times its expected price.


It's not unusual for auctioneers and sellers to occasionally be surprised by the results of an unexpected bidding war. Last year, we reported on two auctioneers who experienced similar situations.

Sheppard’s Irish Auction House in Durrow, Ireland, had a vase that was expected to fetch $900. However, collectors saw something special. A bidding war pushed the price to $873,000, and the sale set a new auction record for Ireland.

In London, Fellows Auctioneers had a vase which was expected to bring $2,000. Again, collectors found something special, and the vase soared to $1 million in the aftermath of an international bidding war.


The vase featured in this story was sold by the Shouler & Son Auction House. Bidding was conducted both live and online. Both the buyer in seller wish to remain anonymous.