FOUND > Baseball Card Worth $250,000

Discovered in a dusty box between two books

Ty Cobb T206 Tobacco Card.
March 17, 2018
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

RURAL SOUTH, USA - Forbes reports, a rare Ty Cobb baseball card has been discovered in a old dusty box, and it's estimated to be worth $250,000. Remarkably, that's just a small part of an amazing family story.


Last year, we reported on a family discovering a small collection of old baseball cards in a crumpled paper bag, while cleaning out their great-grandparents home.

That collection, which was very nearly tossed in the trash, included seven extremely rare Ty Cobb T206 Tobacco Cards, that ended up fetching $3 million at auction.

The cards that fetched $3 million at auction.

The cards, astonished sports memorabilia experts worldwide. Because prior to the find, only 15 of the rare Cobb cards were known to exist. The Family's discovery of 7 more, raised that number to 22... until now.

That same family, who wishes to remain anonymous, has found yet another Ty Cobb card. This one reportedly discovered in a dusty box between two books. Again, among more of their great-grandparents belongings.

Professional Sports Authenticator's (PSA) has authenticated and valued their latest Ty Cobb discovery at $250,000.

News organizations report the family intends to hold the card as an heirloom. A reminder of the event that has changed their lives.


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