FOUND > Dumpster Gold Worth $325,000

Discovered by Airport Janitor

Gold bars were wrapped in newspaper and tossed in the trash.
May 30, 2018
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - CNBC reports, a Korean janitor at Incheon International Airport found $325,000 in gold bars, dumped in a trash can, and he could get to keep them.


Reportedly, the male janitor who remains unidentified, discovered the gold bars wrapped in newspaper, while cleaning out a trash bin.

Story of janitor finding the gold bars, by TomoNews.

Local media reports indicate the gold was dumped by two men who feared being searched by customs, during an attempt to smuggle the gold.

According to the CNBC article, the gold bars each weigh 1-kilogram and are worth a combined 350 million won, or $325,000.


Under South Korean law, if nobody comes forward to claim the gold, the janitor may get to keep the entire amount ($325,000). If the owner makes a legitimate claim, the janitor gets 5 to 20 percent ($16,250 to $65,000) of market price, as a finders fee.

However, if the gold is found to be linked to any criminal activity, he would lose all claims and receive nothing. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the janitor.


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