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Chuck Schuldiner was a Pioneer

Chuck Schuldiner Guitar on eBay.

Updated - May 14, 2018
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - An auction on eBay for a backup Stealth Guitar, stated to have once belonged to Death metal band founder Chuck Schuldiner, has sold for $10,100.


Many considered Schuldiner (1967 - 2001) to be 'The Godfather' of death metal. However, in television interviews posted by Death in HD, he credited others who he felt led the way.

What the World Doesn't Know About Chuck Schuldiner - Loudwire

Nonetheless, the Orlando Florida band 'Death' was one of the most influential bands in heavy metal, as early pioneers in the death metal genre. The group ended in 2001 after Schuldiner passed away from an illness.


Even today, Death's music receives some of the highest marks available among metal fans. A quick look at fan ratings for their best selling albums on Amazon, shown the ad below, provides ample evidence of a loyal fan base.


In the eBay listing, the seller offers to provide a certificate of authenticity upon request. And states they have possession of the guitar, because Chuck Schuldiner was their uncle.

"One of Chuck Schuldiner’s personal stealths. This was mostly utilized as a backup when his primary black stealth was out of commission, hence why there are few pictures of him playing it. At some point in his life Chuck decided to strip the paint. I considered restoring it but decided to leave it just way the chuck left it. He was the last one to string this guitar and it hasn’t been touched since. It also comes with the hard case that Chuck toured with."

We emailed the seller, hoping to get a copy of a photo of Schuldiner playing the guitar, but haven't heard anything back, yet.

However, using our free price research tools, we did find the same seller had sold a Schuldiner Leather Jacket in October of 2017, for $11,211.


The auction, which had over 700 active watchers, ended Tuesday, May 15, at 10:49am (PST). In total, 16 bidders cast 49 bids, with the final bid at $10,100. The eBay item number is: 263670890474.



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