FOUND > 600 Gold Coins Worth $117,000

Discovered in Cellar by Demolition Workers

Example of a King Leopold II Coin courtesy of

June 27, 2018
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

BRITTANY, FRANCE - ABC News is reporting, workers demolishing an old house, found 600 gold coins hidden in its cellar. The coins are estimated to be worth up to $117,000 (€100,000).


According to French police, the workers discovered a mysterious shell-shaped container in the cellar, that made a rattling noise whenever they shook it. When they opened the container, they found the coins .

All 600 coins are reported to be Belgian and dated to 1870, bearing the image of the notorious Leopold II of Belgium, who reigned at the same time the coins were in circulation.

The 1870 Leopold II coin, by the Gold Coin Channel.

Reportedly, the workers alerted local police about the discovery, then the coins were taken to a safe location. They will be held until more information can be found about their provenance.


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