NEWS > MTG 'Black Lotus' Card Fetches $44,500

Ignites bidding war on eBay

The card was graded 10 Pristine by Beckett.

June 5, 2018
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

ONLINE - A 1993 Magic The Gathering (MTG) 'Black Lotus' card has fetched $44,544 in an eBay auction.


MTG Black Lotus cards are highly sought by collectors. The card is considered to be the most valuable of the MTG cards released. The MTG Alpha version had a limited print run of 1,100 making it extremely rare.

Tech Insider interview with Roy Raftery, card game expert.

Condition plays a huge role in values. The seller, a specialist in trading cards. Described the card (graded 10 Pristine by Beckett) in their auction listing, as being the best they had ever seen.


PWCC Auctions sold the card. They are a well-known sports and game card consignment seller based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Since 1998, they have accumulated over 150,000 positive feedback ratings on eBay.


The card was listed on eBay with an opening bid price of 99 cents, on May 17th. Over ten-days, 34 bids came from 12 bidders. On the final day, May 27th, a bidding war erupted, driving the price from $25,000 to the winning bid of $44,544. eBay item number: 352357872575.


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