NEWS > 1970 Led Zeppelin Poster Fetches $13,000

Rare Poster from Canceled Concert Soars

Poster from 1970 Boston College Eagle Rock Festival.

August 10, 2018
By James Massey, What Sells Best News

ONLINE - A 1970s Led Zeppelin poster from a canceled concert topped the charts this week, as a best seller in eBay's music memorabilia category, by fetching $13,300.


The poster, could have appealed to several groups of collectors. Those watching top Zeppelin memorabilia, vintage concert posters, and vinyl, may have all been competing with each other.

However, small details can make a big difference in concert poster values. Many of those details are covered in this 5-minute video by Antiques Roadshow. Where a woman was shocked to learn her concert posters were worth up to $35,000.

Valuable vintage Rock Concert Posters found by Antiques Roadshow.

The poster in this story, was for the Boston College Eagle Rock Festival on Friday August 14, 1970. Which featured Led Zeppelin and had a huge lineup with them. The original J.J. Jackson radio ad for the show, can be heard in the 1-minute video below.

The original 1970 J.J. Jackson Radio ad for the show shared by LZVids.

In a highly controversial move, on August 12, just two days before the concert. Mayor Kevin White refused to grant a permit for the event, citing security concerns. The concert was canceled.

After it was shut down, it's not too hard to imagine them pulling and tossing most of the advertising. Which could also make it rare to find surviving pieces.


The poster had an opening bid price of $49.99. In 10-days 67 bids were cast by 12 bidders. The $13,300 winning bid came on the final day, August 6, 2018 (eBay item number: 401573581114).


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