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FOUND - $196,000 for Dollhouse Discovery

August 29, 2016

SOLD - $46,360 for Antique Wooden Doll

March 8, 2016

Morphy Auctions
SOLD - $99,000 for Antique French Doll

DENVER, PENNSYLVANIA, USA - A circa 1914 French Doll by the sculptor Albert Marque (1872 – 1939) has fetched $99,000 at auction. The doll was sold by Morphy Auctions.

Source: Morphy Auctions - September 11, 2015


$76,500 for Enchanted Doll on eBay

ONLINE - A 14 inch porcelain Enchanted Doll named Cinderella, created by the famous Russian-Canadian doll maker Marina Bychkova has fetched $76,500 on eBay.

Source: What Sells Best - February 3, 2015


$395,000 for Rare Bisque Head Doll

LONDON, KNIGHTSBRIDGE, UK - A bisque head character doll by the German doll maker Kämmer & Reinhardt has set a new world record by selling for $395,000. The doll was sold by Bonhams.

Source: Bonhams - September 24, 2014


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$300,000 for Rare Old Doll

NAPLES, FLORIDA, USA - Another French character doll by sculptor Albert Marque set a world record (at that time). The doll (circa 1916) sold for $300,000 at auction.

Source: Action Figure Insider - March 30, 2014


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Rare French Doll Fetches $263,000

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA - An extremly rare French doll designed by French artist Albert Marque, made in Paris in 1915, sold at auction for $263,000, setting a new world record.

Source: World Record Academy - August 12, 2009