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Paul Fraser Collectibles
$230,000 for Antique Singing-Bird Snuffbox

NEW YORK, NY, USA - An antique singing-bird snuffbox has sold for $230,000. The gold enameled box was set with diamonds and dates to the beginning of the 19th century.

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles - December 15, 2013


$617,000 for 18th Century Jewelry Casket

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA - An antique Jewelry Casket has sold for $617,000. The Italian Baroque jewel casket was from the Grand Ducal Workshops, Florence in early 18th century .

Source: Bonhams - October 28, 2013


Paul Fraser Collectibles
$7.6 Million for Rare Antique Carpet

LONDON, ENGLAND - A rare antique carpet from the late 17th or early 18th century in India, has sold for $7.6 million. The carpet, a millefleur "star-lattice" carpet was originally expected to fetch $3.2 million.

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles - October 9, 2013


Art Daily
Pair of Lockwood de Forest Chairs bring $242,500

NEW YORK, NY, USA - A pair of elaborate side chairs designed by Lockwood de Forest (1850-1932) and once owned by publishing giant William Randolph Hearst, quadrupled their pre-sale estimate.

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles - October 1, 2013


Art Daily
Five Inch Tall Ivory 'Netsuke' Brings $86,500

NEW YORK, NY, USA - A five-inch-tall, 18th century ivory netsuke depicting a Chinese court noble, has sold for seven times its pre-auction estimate after an intense bidding war.

Source: Art Daily - September 19, 2013


Paul Fraser Collectibles
Bronze Ritual Food Vessel Auctions for $6.6 Million

NEW YORK, NY, USA - A Chinese Bronze Zuo Bao Yi Gui( ritual food vessel), dated from the early western Zhou dynasty of the 11th-10th century BC, has fetched $6.6 million at auction.

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles - September 18, 2013


Art Daily
Rare Chinese Bronze Figure Fetches $1.3 Million

NEW YORK, NY, USA - A 15th century Chinese gilt bronze figure of Shadakshari Lokeshvara produced by the imperial workshop during the Yongle period has sold for $1,370,500.

Source: Art Daily - September 17, 2013


$150 Box Antique 'TV Stand' Collects $9.4 Million

SOUTH KENSINGTON, UK - An antique box purchased for $150 (£100) for use as a TV stand in 1970, was discovered to be a rare antique from Japan. It sold for $9.4 Million (£6.3 Million).

Source: Daily Mail - July 10, 2013


eBay Website

$4 'Carved Cup' from Thrift Shop Gets $75,000

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - A man purchased a unique looking cup in a thrift shop for $4. The cup was a 17th century Chinese "Libation Cup" made from rhino horn. It later sold at auction for $75,000.

Source: The Queanbeyan Age - June 25, 2013




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