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FIND - Reputable specialist with fast free appraisals for most items in minutes, worldwide.

STEP 1 // Understand

How It Works

PBS Antiques Roadshow, 2016 - Article explains how to find reputable appraisers and venues using fast free tools listed below (5-minute read).

STEP 2 // Sort

Money Makers

Consumer Reports, 2014 - Helps make the most money by matching items with best places to sell them. Includes a helpful graphic for sorting items fast, at bottom of article (12 minute read).

Hidden Treasures

Antiques Roadshow, 2016 - Shows how to spot potential high value money makers with research and reputable specialist (4 minute read).

Free Price Finders

Fast Free Easy Steps - Find ballpark values for most items in minutes. Using tools and steps used by top buyers and sellers.

STEP 3 // Find Qualified Help

National Auctioneers Association (NAA)

Search by Country or Zip Code -This website covering many countries worldwide. Identifies specialized auctioneers committed to uphold the Code of Ethics required by their NAA membership.

International Society of Appraisers (ISA)

Search by Zip or Postal Code - Find specialized appraisers in personal property appraising across the US and Canada. Committed to uphold the Code of Ethics required by ISA.

Appraisers Association of America (AAA)

Search by Zip Code - This website find specialized appraisers committed to uphold the Code of Ethics required by their AAA membership.

Free Appraisals

Fast Free Easy Steps - Find reputable specialist offering free appraisals for most items in minutes (locally and worldwide). Using Fast free tools and steps often used by top buyers and sellers.

STEP 4 // Check Ratings

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau -Provides business ratings and customer reviews in the US and Canada. 

Google Reviews

Google Maps - Shares ratings and customer reviews globally. Accessed by searching a business (name and location) on Google Maps.

Yelp Reviews

Yelp - Provides business ratings and customer reviews across the US.

STEP 5 // Also Read

A-Z Sellers Guide

Get Top Dollar - Using fast free easy steps recommended by pros. To find venues fetching top prices for most items.

What's It Worth?

Consumer Reports, 2018 - Helps you Find out how much your stuff is worth.

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How It Works

This page combines a variety of fast free tools and resources. Used to find qualified free appraisers.

Many of the tools and resources are recommended by reputable specialist and used by top buyers and sellers worldwide.

Most, were found while following and researching global treasure news.

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