What's Getting Top Prices on eBay?

Here's a Quick Way to Find Out

NEW ONLINE (VIDEO) - What Sells Best tutorial provides a free-and-easy way to see which items are fetching the highest prices on eBay. This can be a great way to track hot items and trends within your favorite categories (a step-by-step process is also written below).

The tutorial shows how to use What Sells Best navigation on a large-screen device to accomplish this task. A mobile device tutorial is in the works, however it was not ready when this was published. You can receive an alert when this (and other free tools) are ready, by joining our newsletter.


On the What Sells Best Home Page click any category on the left-side menu.

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In the example below, we opened Music/Records (on the left-side menu), then clicked on > eBay Worldwide.

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At the Top 25: Active eBay Records page, click on any category below 'All Sales Data' to get the latest top sold prices on eBay, within that category. For example, we clicked on Records.

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Clicking on Records opens the menu. We then clicked on All Sold which opens a page on eBay, showing only the top sold items that have been selling on eBay.

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Once you're on the eBay page, sort the menu shown on the upper right side of the page by "Price: highest first," or 'Price + Shipping: highest first.' This enables you to only see items fetching the top prices in that category. After sorting (by highest price), try playing with the extra options on the left side of the page, to further refine the sales data. Also see the BONUS TIP located below, to speed up your research even more.

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On the Top 25: Active Records page, click the All eBay Categories link, at the top of the menu. Links to all the categories we track on eBay will open up, allowing you to quickly navigate between any one of them. This allows you to quickly access top sold results, from millions of eBay items, within multiple categories.

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