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Step-by-Step 10-Second Prices

DEMO > Sponsored by eBay - Find sold prices for most-items worldwide, in 10-seconds (opens on eBay).



  1. Type an items name and/or descriptive keywords into the 'Prices' search box (above).

  2. Press the 'ebay' button. This opens eBay, and finds selling prices for your item. Worldwide, in under 10-seconds.

  3. Sort price results by 'Price: highest first'. This displays a range of prices buyers were willing to pay, from high-to-low.

    If you only see ads at the top of a page, scroll down a bit to see price results.

  4. If You See Big-Money Amounts. Bookmark those examples matching your item, study them close, and take notes. Write down any keywords used in sales descriptions. This helps find free appraisals by reputable specialist later, if needed.

  5. No Results May Be A Good Sign. eBay only displays their recent sold prices. This means rarely sold (high value) collector items might not show up in their results. Free tools and appraisals offered by specialty venues can often help. Because many track rare item selling prices for years, some for decades, globally. Keep reading to learn more.


PRICES ARE NOT VALUES - Pros recommend gathering a consensus of selling prices for accurate ballpark values. This is often found by comparing selling prices from many venues in your items category. By using a variety of free price finders and/or reputable specialist when needed for your item. The next steps explain.

DIY Ballpark Value


  1. Watch ALL Expert Demo Videos - The videos show you how pros can find ballpark values for most items in minutes, using a variety of free price finders.

    The demonstrations take you step-by-step through a research process. Using the same fast, free, simple tools and steps used by many professional resellers. After you get the hang of it, come back for the next step.

    1. Why Watch? There are nuances in accurate ballpark pricing. The expert video demos share many, that can help value most items in minutes.

    2. Why All Videos? A diversity of items, tools, and research methods. Can help make it more probable you will find fast accurate ballpark values for most items.

  2. Practice - Look up selling prices for items in your home. Try to find items that produce at least 10 good (matching) sold results. Also see eBay's general search tips and advanced search options.

    1. Clothes, tools or toys often work well for this exercise.

  3. Experiment - Test different Keywords and Filter options. Notice how they narrow or expand your search results. You want results with the greatest number of good-matches for your item.

    1. Keywords - Are descriptive words naming an item, maker, model, style, color, era, etc.

    2. Filters - Are search options (demonstrated in the ballpark pricing videos). They often show up as links, buttons, or check-boxes located on a price finders website or app. Normally, they're on the side, or at the top of a page.

      Some filter options may be hidden. If you see the word 'Filter' or links marked as 'Menu', or a set of horizontal lines. Clicking them, usually opens the filter options.

      TIP > If you're using the same options often. Some price finders will let you save your filter preferences as a bookmark. This saves you time, on every search.

      For Example: The A-Z Fast Price Demo has saved filter preferences. To display the following results (on eBay), without having to reset the filters every time:
      1. Sold prices
      2. Worldwide
      3. Sorted by highest price first (at top).

  4. Examine ALL Images Up Close - Photos in search results should match your items make, model and style. Manufactured items should be identical, and in similar condition. In some cases, unique hand made items may be similar.

  5. Review Sales Results - The goal is to find a strong consensus of prices. If possible examine (eBay) feedback histories of buyers and sellers closely. Give preference to transactions between buyers and sellers with strong feedback ratings. This generally provides stronger sales comps. Discard any results that appear to be weak, illegitimate, or poor matches. (Generally, prices wildly higher, or lower, than other comparable items sold. May be illegitimate, or need further research and/or an opinion by a reputable specialist.)

    1. If an eBay Buy-It-Now item has a line-through the price. It means a seller accepted a Best-Offer, and the real sold price is hidden. This tutorial tracks free tools, that may help find the real price.

  6. Estimate Ballpark Value - As described in the ballpark value videos.

    1. As a perfect world example of a ballpark value. If you found 10 legitimate sales items identical-to-yours, all in similar condition. Recently sold from $200 to $300, in evenly spaced $10 amounts. That would give you a good idea of your items probable ballpark value ($200 to $300) on eBay.

  7. Also, Try Location Filtering - This helps you find prices and values locally, by region, country and worldwide. It may help determine if an item has a more local or international appeal, based on selling prices.

  8. Wash, Rinse, Repeat - Keep practicing with items, filters and the ballpark pricing videos.

    Expand your research by using all resources in your items topic, until you get the hang of it.

Keep in mind. The tool directory list many free price finders covering topics A-to-Z, built by a variety of specialty venues.

Because of this, tools offered by each venue can vary by design, function and ability. However, the demo gives you basic skills needed to use most.

Using all price finders in your items topic. Helps you identify venues fetching the highest or lowest prices. And, ot helps find reputable specialist offering free appraisals in Step #2.

The steps above are basics for ballpark pricing. However, accurate ballpark values for unique and rare items, often require more in-depth research and help from reputable specialist. Many offer free appraisals, and the next steps show you how to find them fast.

Verify Values with Reputable Specialist


  1. Use the ballpark value guide (above) and all tools in your item topic. Find venues with high selling prices for your item.

  2. Find the appraisers name and contact information for those companies (usually listed in the appraisal section of their website). Then check their business and customer ratings using the reputable specialist guide.

  3. Contact several to compare estimates and gather a consensus of values and opinions.

  4. Ideally, in person appraisals are always best. But, not always practical. Good photos sent to a reputable specialist in your item, can often help find a ballpark value for most items. They can also help you determine if an in person appraisal should be scheduled.

Why Verify with Reputable Specialist?

Holy grail discoveries making treasure news. Are usually identified thanks to free appraisals by reputable specialist.

Why? Because reputable specialist are generally highly trained historians within their specialty. Able to spot small details that can make a big difference in value.

An appraisal by an untrained eye (anyone who is not a specialist) may miss important details.

They also follow a Code of Ethics that requires them to fully disclose values. In order to maintain their reputation and certification.

Pros recommend several appraisals by reputable specialists, to get an overall consensus of value.

Helpful Free Resources:


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5-STEPS > Find Ballpark Values and Selling Venues for Most Items in Minutes.
Find Correct ID

1 > Find Correct ID

Find Selling-Prices

2 > Find Selling-Prices

Find Ballpark Value

3 > Find Ballpark Value

Find Free Appraisals

4 > Find Free Appraisals

Find Selling Venues

5 > Find Selling Venues


Tools | Demo | Steps | > INFO

Free Price Finders - Are fast, free, simple tools and steps you can use on a phone or computer worldwide, to find:

  1. Correct ID - Find the ID that helps value most items in minutes.

  2. Selling Prices - Find what buyers were willing to pay for most items in ten-seconds.

  3. Ballpark Values - Find a ballpark value for most items in minutes.

  4. Free Appraisals - Find reputable specialist offering fast free appraisals, without obligation.

  5. Selling Venues - Match your best money makers with places to sell most items in minutes.

Tools & Steps Are Free - Most are built by specialty venues used by the world's top buyers and sellers.

  • Some tools or services may require a one-time email and password set-up to use.

What Sells Best is an aggregator of news and resources. Collecting holy grail finds and fast free tools finding legendary life changers for first timers.

The majority of tools were found by following treasure news and research advice provided by reputable specialist, worldwide.

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All Items Shared by What Sells Best - Are strictly for Informational and Entertainment Purposes only.


Always Consult with Reputable Specialist - Before making important buy or sell decisions.