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HOW Buyers and sellers find eBay's 'hidden' best-offer sold prices.

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How It Works:

  • Saves Money - Helps identify sellers willing to discount prices on items you want.

  • Values Items - Finds prices paid. Giving you more accurate ballpark values.

How It Doesn't:

  • Reliability - Can be spotty. Users report price errors and/or tool failures at times. Apparently caused by eBay algorithm updates throwing off tool calibrations.

  • Errors - May come or go without notice. Outages may affect one, or all tools. They generally last until someone notices and finds a fix or workaround.

  • Do Your Due Diligence - Test the tools for accuracy before using for research.

Guides & Tools:

  • Step-by-step instructions - Are shown below, in highly-rated videos found on YouTube.

  • Tool links under videos - Take you to the tool mentioned in a video, when applicable.

  • If you like a YouTuber - Other videos they've made can be seen (on YouTube) by clicking their name.

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TOOLS | Report

1. Cut & Paste

2-Minute Video: Produced by Tan Man Baseball Fan. Finds best offer prices with a simple cut and paste link.


5-Minute Video: Produced by Stuart Turnbull. Shows how to find hidden best offer prices by country.


3-Minute Video: Produced by Texas Gal Treasures. Demonstrates finding hidden best offer prices.

4. Source Code Search

3-Minute Video: Produced by Pinching Pesos. Finds hidden best offer prices in source code.

  • Tool: Watch Video

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