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4-Methods Used By eBay Experts

DEMOS | Report

4-METHODS / Demonstrated by eBay experts who found best-offer sold prices. When it works... full report.

METHOD 1 / Cut & Paste

2-Minute Video by Tan Man Baseball Fan: Finds eBay's hidden best offer prices using a link and a simple cut and paste method.

METHOD 2 / Watch Count

5-Minute Video by Stuart Turnbull: Shows how to find hidden best offer prices on eBay, and by country, using WatchCount.

METHOD 3 / Flipper Tools

3-Minute Video by Texas Gal Treasures: Demonstrates Flipper Tools ability to find hidden best offer prices on eBay.

METHOD 4 / Source Code

3-Minute Video by Pinching Pesos: Finds eBays hidden best offer prices, by searching within source code.

Demos | REPORT

When It Works... It Can

  • Make Money - Finds selling prices and can help you price items items for fast sales.

  • Save Money - Buy at discount prices, by making offers you know sellers will accept.

  • Find Value - By finding out what buyers pay, for most items.

It Doesn't Always Work

  • Users Report Errors At Times - Apparently algorithm updates on eBay can throw off the accuracy of a tool or method.

  • Errors Can Come Or Go Without Notice - Until someone notices, outages may affect one or all tools. They generally last until a workaround is found.

Bottom Line

  • Do Your Due Diligence - Test the tools for accuracy before using for research.


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