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Who Are The Auctioneers?

The auctioneers are well-known among the world's top collectors, and also for making news by helping people discover rare treasures, or fetching record prices for the unique items they want.

Their auctions are followed by some of the worlds most affluent collectors, dealers and investors. At times, their clientèle have been known to pay world-record-amounts for highly-sought-after items.


Items They Want

See photo examples of the most-wanted items collectors pay real-money for, by visiting our What Sells Best Guides.


They Have High Standards. However...

Auctioneers at this level, simply have to maintain high-standards to consistently draw a serious collectors and the unique items they want. Obviously not all items can meet those standards.

However, if you browse photos of the items they want, you'll have noticed that not everything needs to be in pristine condition to fetch a high price, and many times they're not.

Items that sell best, generally have some combination of historical or cultural significance. Combined with rarity and a strong competitive collector base which can drive prices high.

Free price research and online appraisals, offered by most top auctioneers, through their websites. Can be a ways to find out of your item meets their standards.

However, if after substantial research you find your item doesn't meet a top-tier auctioneers standards. Don't give up. Because your item may still have value for local or regional collectors and buyers, through a local auctioneer.


Finding Good Local Auctioneers

If you fully-exhausted all avenues with top auction houses, and you're absolutely certain your item is not going to retire-you, anytime soon.

You may want to give reputable local auctioneers, galleries or dealers a try. Many offer free-appraisal information on their websites.

Smaller shops often offer a less formal ball-park appraisal process. Often conducted by email through an exchange of photos and information.

If you don't see free appraisals offered on their site, email-them, with your version of the following (feel-free to copy, paste and modify):


I have a [write a brief description of your item] I'm considering selling, and was wondering if you may be interested in selling it in your shop as a consignment?

If you're interested. Would you please send me information detailing your resale fees and/or commissions. Along with your best free ball-park-estimate for its resale value.

If you need any additional information or photos, please let me know how I can help. By contacting me at: (write your preferred contact method).

Thank you for your time.


Your name"

If they won't do a free ball-park-appraisal, move onto another auctioneer, shop or gallery who will. Ideally you want several estimates, to make sure they're all in the ballpark.


Free Online Appraisals, by Top Auctioneers

If you've done a little preliminary price research, and think you may have found something rare. Most auctioneers offer free online appraisals which can help you confirm it.

  • Getting free online appraisals from several auctioneers, allows you to compare estimates and selling fees before committing to a consignment agreement.

If they think you found an ultra-rare-treasure, don't be surprised if they offer to come take a closer look on the next available flight. Auctioneers have been known to occasionally do this, to get a jump on their competition.


Antiques Roadshow's - Guide for Hiring Auctioneers

If you are selling, there's a short article/guide for doing business with appraisers & auctioneers by Antiques Roadshow that is highly recommended. It has a step-by-step process for selecting the right auctioneer for you.

Our soon to be updated free screening and price research resources, can help you save time, with the process outlined in their guide.


Find Auctioneers, by Specialty

The following list provides links to top auctioneers, by specialty.

Free Appraisals


Top antique sellers, offering free online appraisals.

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Top art sellers, providing free online appraisals.

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Top book sellers, offering free online appraisals.

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Top car sellers who may provide free auction valuations.

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Top coin sellers, offering free online appraisals.

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Top collectibles sellers, with free online appraisals.

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Top doll sellers, offering free online appraisals.

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Top jewelry sellers, providing free online appraisals.

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Top pottery and glass sellers, offering free online appraisals.

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Top entertainment memorabilia sellers, providing free online appraisals.

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Top sports memorabilia sellers, offering free online appraisals.

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Top toy sellers, providing free online appraisals.

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