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The Seller List

Auctioneers linked on this page are mainly high-end specialty venues.

Many, make news by helping people find sports memorabilia fortunes, with their free appraisals.

They have high standards for the types of sports memorabilia they can sell to their clientele.

However, they often help determine if your memorabilia meets those standards, by providing free research tools and examples.

Do Your Research

Free research tools and appraisals (when needed) by several reputable specialist can make a big difference to your bottom line financially.

This free guide helps walk you through the steps:

A-Z Sellers Guide

Get Top Dollar - Using fast free easy steps recommended by pros. To find venues fetching top prices for most items.

The guide can help you compare ballpark values, selling fees and customer reviews from several venues you're considering. Before committing to a consignment agreement.

Doesn't Have To Be A Holy Grail

If you don't have a holy grail, your memorabilia may still be valuable. Even if it doesn't meet a top auctioneers standards.

To find out. Sometimes the best option is finding reputable specialist in venues nearby, who also offer free appraisals.

Many are found online by country or ZIP code, by using free resources found here.

Your research also helps you determine whether it's worth your time to sell it yourself online, or through a local consignment shop.
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