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Step-by-Step, in 6-Minutes

Fast Free Appraisals - Used by the world's top buyers and sellers. Are explained by media and experts in the following 2 videos (6 minutes total).

Once you get the hang of it. You'll be able find reputable specialist offering free appraisals for most items in minutes. On a phone or computer.

Fortune Finders

HIGH LEVEL OVERVIEW (2-Minutes) - NBR/CNBC shows how Sotheby's free online appraisals have helped people find fortunes worth millions. Similar services are offered by specialist in most top venues for items A-to-Z.



DEMONSTRATION (4-Minutes) - JB Coins - Shares steps required for free (no obligation) coin appraisals by Heritage Auctions. Similar services are offered by most specialist in top venues for items A-to-Z.

Free appraisals are available for most items sold in specialty venues, worldwide. Instructions below help find those offered by reputable specialist.


  1. Read The Reputable Specialist Guide - See how to find qualified experts for your items, fast. By checking their qualifications and customer ratings and certifications before contacting them.

  2. Find Trustworthy Experts - Five free resources listed below can help locate pros offering free appraisals for items like yours.

    1. Free Price Finder Tools - Helps you find venues fetching the highest prices with reputable specialist offering free appraisals.

    2. The Free Appraiser Directory - List venues by category who often specialize in holy grail items, and offer free appraisals and tools that find past selling prices.

    3. PBS Antiques Roadshow (AR) - Offers free tickets to appraisal events and links to past show appraisers by category.

      • To get a free appraisal from a past AR appraiser. You need to find the appraisers website (listed on Antiques Roadshow) then search for their free appraisal offers.

      • AR also gives you free access to appraiser videos. This can help you learn more about an appraisers specialty, and personality.

    4. Appraisal Associations - Link to reputable specialists committed to uphold a code of ethics required by their organization.

      • Association websites let you search for appraisers by category and/or location. Making it easy to find specialists offering free appraisals nearby, or online.

      • To get appraisals. You'll need to visit an appraisers website and search for their free appraisal offers.

    5. Treasure News - Can also find leads for reputable venues and specialists offering free appraisals.

      • Often, all it takes is noticing an item (mentioned in an article) is similar to yours. Then, using your favorite search engine, find the specialist or venue mentioned in the article.

      • To get appraisals. You'll need to visit the specialist or venue website and search for their free appraisal offers.

  3. Follow Directions - Every specialist and venue who offers free appraisals, has their own appraisal process. Most are similar, but some may be different. Always read and follow their directions to-the-letter.

    1. Directions for free appraisal offers are usually posted on a venue and/or specialist website. Often listed as 'free appraisals' or 'valuations'. They may also be posted under 'selling' or 'consignment' information.

    2. If you can't find a free appraisal offer on a website, emailing them often yields positive results. Try your version of the following message (feel-free to copy, paste, tweak):


      I have a [brief description of your item] that I'm considering selling. I was wondering if this item would be suitable for consignment at your venue. If so, could you please provide a copy or link to your consignment agreement, outlining the fees and terms of the arrangement? It would also be helpful if you could provide a ballpark estimate of the item's resale value.

      If you need any additional information or photos of the item, please let me know.

      Thank you for your time.

      Sincerely, [Your name]"

  4. If they won't provide a free ball-park appraisal, move-on to another specialist or venue.

  5. Send Good Photos - Reputable specialist need good photos to give you an accurate ballpark estimate. This free guide (sponsored) provides helpful photo tips for cameras or phones.

  1. Be Concise - The best appraisers are usually busy. However, they often respond promptly to concise communications (kept in a polite respectful tone) that follow their directions.

  2. Get Several Estimates - In their guide to doing business with appraisers. Antiques Roadshow recommends several estimates. To gather a probable consensus of ballpark values and customer ratings to compare.

  3. Take Notes - Appraisers may offer tips that can increase your items value. Like more research, grading or professional restorations. Be sure to ask any questions you have, listen carefully, and write everything down.

  4. If Possible, Meet In Person (First) - Even if only one (of several) reputable specialist is located nearby, go there first. Pros say small details can make a big difference in item values. In-person appraisals may catch details you can share with other (online) appraisers.

    1. If you can't find a reputable specialist nearby. Online appraisals by experts in your item, can still help find a ballpark value for most items. And, if you have a genuine holy grail, it's not uncommon for an appraiser to offer to travel to you.

That's the basics for finding reputable specialist offering free appraisals. More time-savers, tips and free resources are posted below.

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Tools | Demo | > STEPS | Info

5-STEPS > Find Ballpark Values and Selling Venues for Most Items in Minutes.
Find Correct ID

1 > Find Correct ID

Find Selling-Prices

2 > Find Selling-Prices

Find Ballpark Value

3 > Find Ballpark Value

Find Free Appraisals

4 > Find Free Appraisals

Find Selling Venues

5 > Find Selling Venues

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Tools | Demo | Steps | > INFO

A-Z Price Finders, Overview

Free Price Finders - Are fast, free, simple tools and steps you can use on a phone or computer worldwide, to find:

  1. Correct ID - Find the ID that helps value most items in minutes.

  2. Selling Prices - Find what buyers were willing to pay for most items in ten-seconds.

  3. Ballpark Values - Find a ballpark value for most items in minutes.

  4. Free Appraisals - Find reputable specialist offering fast free appraisals, without obligation.

  5. Selling Venues - Match your best money makers with places to sell most items in minutes.

Tools & Steps Are Free - Most are built by specialty venues used by the world's top buyers and sellers.

  • Some tools or services may require a one-time email and password set-up to use.

What Sells Best is an aggregator of news and resources. Collecting holy grail finds and fast free tools finding legendary life changers for first timers.

The majority of tools were found by following treasure news and research advice provided by reputable specialist, worldwide.

Why Reputable Specialist?

Usually, when a holy grail is found and it makes treasure news. It's thanks to a free appraisal by a reputable specialist.

Why? Because the best specialist are historians, who know the stories and small details of items, within their specialty.

Those tiny details can make a big difference in value. Sometimes it can be life-changing.

And... an appraisal by an untrained eye (anyone not a specialist) may miss those important details. Example:

Reputable specialist also follow an appraisers code of ethics that requires them to fully disclose values to you. To maintain their reputation and certification.

Who Are The Appraisers?

Many, work with the worlds top venues. Where as specialist, they handle some of the world's most sought after holy grails.

This is a good-thing, if you have a holy grail. Because there's a high possibility they'll recognize its potential value, even in an online photo.

Their hands on experience gives them an ability to spot treasures. Many examples of this are well-documented by media:

While holy grail finds are rare, they can and do happen. Many, might not have happened without the keen eye and integrity of a reputable specialist.

They're Not Perfect

Nobody knows it all. Even the world's top experts seek opinions from colleagues to determine ballpark values for particularly rare items.

Likewise, pros recommend that you gather your own consensus of opinions. By getting several appraisals by reputable specialist, to compare their estimates and venues.

Why They're Free

Most reputable specialist and venues offer free appraisals for items they sell.

The appraisal is offered as a sample of their services, in hopes you'll consider their venue should you decide to sell.

They're Ballpark Values

The appraisals you receive are ballpark values or estimates. They are not intended for estate or insurance purposes (see why in this article by Antiques Roadshow).

They are usually quoted in a range of probable prices. Amounts an item could be expected to fetch at a well advertised sale.

You Could Save $100s or $1000s.

To hire a specialty appraiser, Consumer Reports says it's reasonable to pay $200 to $400 per hour. To get several opinions at those rates, your cost go up exponentially.

Free appraisals are one-way to find potential money makers, and get opinions from experienced specialist. Without the expense of hiring.

Match Items To Specialist

The key to finding a ballpark-value for most-items, is making sure your item matches an appraisers specialty.

Rarity and value also play a role. Some venues specifically focus on rare specialty items, while others are more general in nature.

Research and free price finders. Will usually help identify and match reputable specialist and venues you need for most items.

General Appraisals

If you find an item doesn't meet standards of a top-tier specialist. Try to find highly rated reputable venues in your area, or cities nearby, who sell items like yours.

Look for free-appraisal information on their websites, or email them. Small shops often have an informal appraisal process, simply done by exchanging photos and information by email.

Antiques Roadshow, the Super Bowl of Appraisals

PBS Antiques Roadshow facilitates the equivalent of the Super Bowl of free appraisal events. Which has been helping people discover holy grail treasures, for decades.

They do this by bringing together many top specialist from world class venues, to appraise items in a variety of specialties.

2-Minute Video by ABC News - Provides past examples of memorable life-changing finds.

They have free ticket information and locations posted on their website, here.

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All Items Shared by What Sells Best - Are strictly for Informational and Entertainment Purposes only.


Always Consult with Reputable Specialist - Before making important buy or sell decisions.