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Vintage Pump Organ, made by Ann Arbor Organ Company.

Time Left: 1h 27m
$2,125.00 or Best-Offer

Lindeman & Sons Upright Piano

Time Left: 3h 1m
$200.00 or Best-Offer

2 Awesome Church Pianos For Sale

Time Left: 10h 40m
$5,000.00 or Best-Offer

Awesome Mason & Kendall & Sons Upright Piano

Time Left: 10h 44m
$500.00 or Best-Offer

FINE 3/4 Antique German violin label: Anton SCHROTTER Mittenwald c.1930 Скрипка

Time Left: 11h 2m
$599.00 or Best-Offer

Antique G.A.Pfretzschnir Markneukirchen 4/4 Violin 1891 1914 Beautiful Violin

Time Left: 13h 42m
$450.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 13h 46m
$229.00 or Best-Offer

Vintage Adolph Berger Violin Bow 8 Sided Shaft Germany

Time Left: 13h 56m
$356.50 or Best-Offer

Antique Richard Geipel Violin Bow Czechoslovakia

Time Left: 13h 56m
$389.51 or Best-Offer

Antique Chadwick London Violin Bow Bausch Workshop

Time Left: 13h 56m
$371.38 or Best-Offer

Old Violin Bow Stamped L.NEUNER BERLIN Silver mounted

Time Left: 14h 40m
$3,500.00 or Best-Offer

Mason Hamlin Pump Organ Style 2260

Time Left: 14h 59m
$168.00 or Best-Offer

Nicolò Amati, Cremona 1649 'Alard' Replica

Time Left: 15h 44m
$864.54 or Best-Offer

Antonio Stradivari, Cremona 1715 'The Cremonese' Replica

Time Left: 15h 55m
$1,440.90 or Best-Offer

Antique Hand Crank Barrel Street Organ Piano ANTONIO APRUZZESE MANUBRIO

Time Left: 16h 2m
$1,899.00 or Best-Offer

Historical, antique and ancient Grenadilla German J.Mollenhauer in circa 1904.

Time Left: 17h 21m
$11,450.00 or Best-Offer

Piano Cornish Washington Pump Organ

Time Left: 18h 22m
$300.00 or Best-Offer

Vintage Robert A Dolling Violin 1920s Copie of Antonius Stradivarius

Time Left: 19h 49m
$2,340.00 or Best-Offer

The Violin Makers Of The Guarneri Family- Hill- 1931- First Edition

Time Left: 23h 39m
$750.00 or Best-Offer

Vintage 1645 violin made in Cremona Germany by Ruggeri comes with case.

Time Left: 1d 10h 41m
$750.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Bowl-back Mandolin Lute Eight String Good Condition

Time Left: 1d 12h 17m
$121.00 or Best-Offer

Old Violin Bow from the Knopf workshop

Time Left: 1d 14h 3m
$3,750.00 or Best-Offer

Old Violin Bow Stamped BRAMIN by L.NEUNER circa 1870

Time Left: 1d 15h 20m
$2,750.00 or Best-Offer

Old Violin Bow Stamped: " CH. NÜRNBERGER " circa 1890

Time Left: 1d 15h 31m
$2,750.00 or Best-Offer

Vintage 4/4 American Fiddle Violin RP Goodenough Morrison Illinois W Bow & Case

Time Left: 1d 15h 40m
$450.00 or Best-Offer

Wonderful old french violin - violon viola violino cello geige alton fiddle

Time Left: 1d 16h 1m
$7,000.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Weaver pump organ-parlor type

Time Left: 1d 16h 19m
$3,000.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Chickering Grand Piano, circa 1915

Time Left: 1d 17h 10m
$2,000.00 or Best-Offer

SWC-Classical Harmonicon labeled Baltimore, c.1830

Time Left: 1d 17h 41m
$14,000.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Art Piano Sound Board-KIMBALL 1858

Time Left: 1d 17h 57m
$750.00 or Best-Offer

Nice old antique 4/4 Violin German Ludwig Paganini Two Piece back 360mm

Time Left: 1d 18h 57m
$1,550.00 or Best-Offer

Old Time BASTARI Squeeze Box Accordian Made in Italy

Time Left: 1d 19h 42m
$250.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Pump Organ - 1892 Kimball

Time Left: 1d 19h 45m
$325.00 or Best-Offer

OLD DRUM DRUM DAF Um 1900 b-2568

Time Left: 1d 20h 28m
$143.96 or Best-Offer

RICHARD PEAT German Full Sized (4/4) Red Violin & Bow Mother of Pearl MOP

Time Left: 1d 20h 59m
$753.88 or Best-Offer

Nice old antique 4/4 Violin German Lowendall Strad Labelled Berlin 1900s

Time Left: 1d 23h
$2,500.00 or Best-Offer

Signed Violin Cheyenne Indian Chief Yellow Hand 101 Wild West Show Very Rare

Time Left: 2d 1h 19m
$750.00 or Best-Offer

Old Pernambuco Violin Bow Stamped CHAROTTE MILLOT

Time Left: 2d 8h 40m
$1,150.00 or Best-Offer

antique mid century Hammond organ

Time Left: 2d 11h 53m
$450.00 or Best-Offer

Old Pernambuco Violin Bow Stamped: "SILVESTRE & MAUCOTEL"

Time Left: 2d 13h 4m
$3,750.00 or Best-Offer

Fine old antique Nice Emile Dupree Octagonal Violin Bow 54g 74.5cm LV12

Time Left: 2d 13h 38m
$750.00 or Best-Offer

****^Stunning Old round Violin bow stamped POIRSON A PARIS****^

Time Left: 2d 14h 30m
$650.00 or Best-Offer

Old Violin Bow Stamped: " SCHRAMM GOTHA " silver

Time Left: 2d 14h 50m
$3,500.00 or Best-Offer

Silver Mounted Violin Bow Stamped: " DJ EARL "

Time Left: 2d 15h 25m
$3,500.00 or Best-Offer

Erard ANTIQUE Grand Piano 7'1" Satin Figured Mahogany Finish PRICE REDUCED AGAIN

Time Left: 2d 16h 8m
$17,800.00 or Best-Offer

Antique HOPF Violin with Wood Case - Free USA Shipping

Time Left: 2d 16h 17m
$450.00 or Best-Offer

Antique hammerklavier (piano forte) Piano forte Old piano 18th century piano

Time Left: 2d 17h 6m
$8,820.00 or Best-Offer

19th century Violin, 24"

Time Left: 2d 18h 9m
$500.00 or Best-Offer

Antique fine violin bow by F. ALBERT NÜRNBERGER sen. with certificate

Time Left: 2d 21h 32m
$3,600.00 or Best-Offer

Antique 1880's Pump Organ with Stool

Time Left: 2d 22h 12m
$300.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Beautiful Baby Grand Piano Kranich and Bach w/bench

Time Left: 2d 22h 17m
$15,000.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Repro? 3/4 size 24" Vincent Panormo 1776 Violin Paris Weidlich Bow Case

Time Left: 2d 22h 39m
$465.00 or Best-Offer

Rare Vintage 1890's Bowl Back Leather Madolin Case

Time Left: 2d 23h 3m
$499.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 2d 23h 14m
$189.00 or Best-Offer

Antique C.P. Bowlby Princess Pump Organ

Time Left: 3d 2h 9m
$245.00 or Best-Offer

Joannes Georgius Leeb, Slovakia - Antique Violin, Early 19th Century, 4/4, As-Is

Time Left: 3d 12h 59m
$599.00 or Best-Offer

CELLO Mario Gadda, MANTOVA 1987, CERTIFICATE violoncello italiano italian

Time Left: 3d 13h 38m
$12,990.00 or Best-Offer

alte geige Gasparo da Salo violon old italian violin violino viola 小提琴 ヴァイオリン

Time Left: 3d 15h 50m
$1,200.00 or Best-Offer

E.ROCCA 1910 violon old italian violin violino alte geige viola cello 小提琴 ヴァイオリン

Time Left: 3d 16h 4m
$800.00 or Best-Offer

Violin labeled Ferdinandus Gagliano Filius Nicolai 1764

Time Left: 3d 16h 8m
$1,950.00 or Best-Offer

Vintage Marx & Marx Liberty Harp Hand Made Musical Instrument 1880s Chicago USA

Time Left: 3d 17h 29m
$299.99 or Best-Offer

Viennese Action Baby Grand Piano, Anton Julius Eder, Circa 1880, Budapest

Time Left: 3d 17h 54m
$1,850.00 or Best-Offer

Antique 1862 Smith and Atherton Square Grand Piano - VERY RARE

Time Left: 3d 17h 55m
$4,000.00 or Best-Offer

Silver mounted Old Violin Bow Stamped FR. WUNDERLICH LEIPZIG Circa 1910-1920

Time Left: 3d 17h 55m
$3,000.00 or Best-Offer

1909 Wing & Son, Five Pedal Upright Piano

Time Left: 3d 18h 42m
$5,000.00 or Best-Offer

Beautiful Restored Antique 1867 Bord French Piano

Time Left: 3d 21h 2m
$57,000.00 or Best-Offer

CG Conn Cornet Elkhart Ind. Eagle Trademark 1910-1911

Time Left: 3d 23h 25m
$275.00 or Best-Offer

Antonio Stradivari 1715 'The Titian' Replica

Time Left: 3d 23h 36m
$2,557.60 or Best-Offer

Antonio Stradivari 1721 'The Kruse' Replica

Time Left: 3d 23h 36m
$1,584.99 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 4d 3m
$1,850.00 or Best-Offer

Nice Old Antique 4/4 Violin Labeled B.F. Ferguson Fayette, MO One Piece Back

Time Left: 4d 2h 12m
$2,450.00 or Best-Offer

Nice Old Antique 4/4 German Guarnerius Violin Two Piece Circa Early 1900s

Time Left: 4d 2h 12m
$1,650.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Chickering and Sons Piano

Time Left: 4d 3h 42m
$2,500.00 or Best-Offer

Beautiful antique violin 4/4 Mittenwald Germany's very fine( F.B.HAUFHER)

Time Left: 4d 3h 58m
$875.00 or Best-Offer

Vintage Old Piano Needs Some Work

Time Left: 4d 5h 53m
$1,200.00 or Best-Offer

Private COLLECTION to SELL - 91: A good CELLO BOW - F.C.Pfretzschner

Time Left: 4d 9h 31m
$2,200.00 or Best-Offer

Musical instrument

Time Left: 4d 9h 36m
$1,000.00 or Best-Offer

Antique 1909 Dated Hand-Painted Man With Guitar Ceramic Beer Mug Rare

Time Left: 4d 12h 8m
$139.00 or Best-Offer

Cunningham upright – 1920’s? Mahogany 10 tune O Roll player piano

Time Left: 4d 12h 26m
$1,300.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 4d 12h 36m
$135.00 or Best-Offer

Antique German One Man Band Instrument Tambourine Guitar Horn Bells Cymbal

Time Left: 4d 13h 11m
$199.89 or Best-Offer

Private COLLECTION to SELL - 3: A fine German VIOLIN - GEIGE ca. 1880

Time Left: 4d 13h 22m
$3,900.00 or Best-Offer

Private COLLECTION to SELL - 22: A good Italian VIOLIN - GEIGE with Certificate

Time Left: 4d 13h 26m
$18,000.00 or Best-Offer

Nice Old Antique 4/4 American Violin M.J. Running Mount Vernon, WA 1902

Time Left: 4d 14h 24m
$3,200.00 or Best-Offer

1866 Jean Baptiste Vuillaume a Paris Violin-excellent flames,bright strong voice

Time Left: 4d 14h 25m
$2,695.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 4d 14h 52m
$192.50 or Best-Offer

Nice old antique 4/4 Violin German Josef Guarnerius Copy Nice

Time Left: 4d 14h 54m
$1,250.00 or Best-Offer

Nice old antique 4/4 Violin German made Alberto Bertini Strad Copy Nice Tone

Time Left: 4d 15h 3m
$1,750.00 or Best-Offer

1900 French World Fair of Paris Couesnon Authentic Cornet IN THE ORIGINAL CASE

Time Left: 4d 15h 41m
$350.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Vintage Pump Organ - Works Serial# 25 165 19959

Time Left: 4d 15h 47m
$380.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Parlor Pump Organ - Excellent condition

Time Left: 4d 16h 38m
$420.00 or Best-Offer

Beautiful outstanding-condition antique melodeon organ built 1862

Time Left: 4d 18h 7m
$750.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Erard Grand Piano. Very rare Napoleon III 19th Century, and period bench

Time Left: 4d 19h 2m
$24,000.00 or Best-Offer

Nice Old Antique 4/4 American Violin Josef Deulin Detroit, MI 1915

Time Left: 4d 19h 59m
$3,800.00 or Best-Offer

Antique Piano Orchestrion " Klepetar Prague" 1905

Time Left: 4d 20h 55m
$15,000.00 or Best-Offer

African Bronze Musical Shakers

Time Left: 4d 21h 7m
$170.00 or Best-Offer


Time Left: 4d 22h 8m
$299.00 or Best-Offer

FLUTINA Accordion - Mother of Pearl, KEITH - PROWSE & Co, Rosewood Inlaids, Case

Time Left: 4d 22h 11m
$995.00 or Best-Offer

antique late 1800's oak organ - excellent condition

Time Left: 4d 22h 56m
$1,450.00 or Best-Offer

An Antique 3 Octive Practice Piano

Time Left: 4d 23h 20m
$1,149.95 or Best-Offer