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How hagglers earn $1,000 per hour in 10-minutes or less

A Monty Python sketch illustrates the Spirit of 'The Haggle.'

November 3, 2017
James Massey, What Sells Best News

Experts say, learning to haggle can be one of the fastest ways an average person can make or save substantial amounts of money, without going to school.

Whether you're buying vintage collectibles, or a new car. Having an ability to haggle effectively, could be one of the most profitable skills you'll ever learn.

Courtesy of YouTube, we discovered some of the world's top haggling experts are sharing their best tips free. Their video-taped advice is linked throughout this article.


Researching the videos, it was easy to find examples of people making $1,000 per hour in savings, while haggling for big ticket items like cars.

Surprisingly, we also found hagglers can 'technically' make $1,000 per hour in ten minutes. Even if an item's worth less than $1,000.

How is that possible? Lets say you're buying a $1,000 item from a seller. Then, with 10-minutes of skilled haggling, you managed to get the price reduced to $800, saving yourself $200.

Because of the math. The 10-minutes you spent haggling for $200 in savings, made your invested haggle-time 'technically' worth $1,200 per hour ($200 X 6-10-minute segments = $1,200 per hour).


While pro-hagglers have perfected their strategies through years of haggling. You can leverage their experiences and save years, by studying and practicing their methods. Their top-twenty tips are listed below.

1. KNOW PRICES - Always research (sold) prices of items before you haggle. This is key to smart negotiations and knowing if you're getting a good deal. This free tool can help you research prices.

2. STUDY PROS - Haggling experts can come from a wide variety of colorful backgrounds, real, and fictional. This entertaining video depicts the art of a high-stakes pirate haggle, with many tips that can be applied to real life.

3. BE FRIENDLY - Being respectful and friendly will always produce the best results. This video demonstrates how to keep negotiations friendly, in a way that works in your favor.

4. RIGHT PERSON - Always make sure you're talking to the right person, who has the authority to negotiate an items price. This video illustrates a simple question you can ask, to quickly find the the right person every time.

5. SELLER NAMES PRICE - Having a seller mention the price first, can surprise you. This video explains how the technique can lead you to paying a far less than you expected.

6. USE SILENCE - Used correctly, silence can be a powerful way to get a seller to share helpful information they might have otherwise kept to themselves. This video explains why.

7. BODY LANGUAGE BARGAINS - Learning subtle and powerful strategies using body language can lead to big discounts. This video explains how, and what to do.

8. WALK AWAY - If a seller's unwilling to meet your best price. Walking away, could be your best option to get the deal you wanted. This video explains why it works so well.

9. ELIMINATE EXTRAS - Sometimes eliminating unneeded extras, can help a seller lower their price. This entertaining video depicts the strategy with a dentist, with a big surprise at the end.

10. OVERPRICED BARGAINS - Buyers often avoid haggling for items that seem overpriced. However, if you're willing to give it a try, you may be surprised by a deep-discount. This video demonstrates a real-life example of how it can work.

11. PSYCH TRICKS - Clever sellers sometimes use psychological tricks to boost prices while selling products. This video shows you how to spot them, so you can potentially turn the tables with your haggle.

12. SHOP AROUND - Letting sellers know you're shopping around, and talking to other sellers, can be a great way to get their best prices. This video of an undercover shopper provides a powerful example.

13. KEYWORDS - There are four persuasive words in the English language worth memorizing. This video demonstrates how they can help you haggle a better bargain.

14. RESALE - If you're buying for resale, this video demonstrates how buying for a business can help you negotiate better prices.

15. BEWARE 'THE NIBBLER' - The nibble is a tactic used by sales people to boost profits with unexpected extras added at the end of their negotiation. This video demonstrates a simple way to help flush out (and eliminate) any potential hidden charges.

16. PRICE MATCH - Finding a lower priced item and asking a seller if they'd be willing to meet or beat the price, can be a great way to negotiate lower prices. This video demonstrates one way to do it.

17. HIGHER AUTHORITY - If you're buying on behalf of someone like a business, client, or friend. This video reveals how it may help you negotiate a better deal.

18. BE DISCREET - In public settings, seller's are more likely to negotiate, if they know everyone within earshot won't demand the same price. Being discreet can better your odds. This video demonstrates what not to do.

19. CASH DISCOUNT - Negotiating discounts for cash, can save a seller credit-card transaction fees, and have a positive effect on their willingness to haggle. This video demonstrates why.

20. PRACTICE EVERYWHERE - There are lots of places to practice your haggle (shown below). This video reveals strategies for getting more comfortable practicing, and building your skills.


To help you practice your haggle. We found experts giving specific advice for a wide variety of places and situations. Their videos are organized by topic (alphabetically) below. Have Fun!













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