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3-Ways eBay Shoppers Can Get Big Discounts

Proof of half-off purchases on eBay.

James Massey, What Sells Best News

While researching hidden best offer prices on eBay, we found some buyers are getting huge discounts. Sometimes paying less than half a sellers asking price (video above).

Even though the 50% discounts were definitely not typical, it was not too hard to find a handful of examples, within an hour of research, multiple times.

We have no knowledge of the motivation behind the sellers discounts. They may have overpriced, and a buyer convinced them to accept a reasonable price. Or, perhaps they got tired of sitting on an unsold item, and the offer motivated them to cash out. We can only guess.

Whatever happened, we can say with certainty a substantial discount was given on the original asking price. And in every case it was given through eBay's Best-Offer process.

So, we've put together a list of 3-ways you may be able to increase your odds of getting substantial discounts on eBay. If you have a success story, we'd love to hear about it!


eBay's Best-Offer listings, lets you make offers to purchase Buy It Now items, at discounted prices, which you suggest.

Tech Boomers has produced a great video of the Best-Offer process, shared below. You can also find more detailed instructions on eBay.

Best-Offers also let you do some online haggling. Because the seller can either accept your offer, reject it, or make a counteroffer.


If you're planning to make a really-low offer, experts recommend advance strategies, to help reduce the likelihood of offending the seller.

Real estate investor Brandon Turner, from Bigger Pockets, does an excellent job explaining a process he uses, in the video below.

In Brandon's trade, he talks directly with sellers. For eBay, you'll need to find ways to creatively adapt his methods to messaging, unless a seller has a phone number in their listing.


While it doesn't apply to every seller, research indicates, sellers are often motivated to discount their prices, by the passing of time.

Meaning, the longer their item sits, unsold. The more likely they'll be willing to lower its price, if someone makes an offer.

This means the average seller may reach their peak-level of willingness to discount their prices, just as their eBay ad is on the verge of expiring.

Our Free Expiring Search Tool sifts through millions of items on eBay, to find any item you want, on the verge of expiring.

The results only show Best-Offer items, so you can make discounted offers, to sellers who may be motivated to take them.

You can also browse expiring items, within hundreds of eBay categories we track, to find particularly unique items about to expire. Try it here!


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