Top Ten: Disclaimer

Understanding the Top-Ten Selection Process tracks and monitors millions of eBay, as well as countless auctions reported daily, worldwide. From those millions, a number of items are hand-picked to be featured live on, in the stories, and best seller lists we provide.

It should be noted that all of our list (top-ten, top-twenty, five, etc.) are more representative than absolute. Because the process of selecting featured items is as much an art as it is a science.

The highest prices bid within an items category play a major role in the selection process. But, the items photo quality and its uniqueness also play important roles, as do the variety items being featured (within categories) and availability of space for featuring items.

Most featured items are followed until their auctions-end, and if qualified (as described below) they are placed on a Top Ten eBay list.

The Top Ten list are only intended to provide examples of top selling items on eBay which have been featured by The list should not be considered as a list of All-Time (Highest Priced) eBay Best Sellers, for any period of time.

It's important to note that top-priced items can and do slip through the cracks of our tracking abilities for a variety of technical reasons (which are far too lengthy and boring to explain in detail here).

If you're interested in tracking items by highest price only (receiving one or more bids) in any eBay category. It's recommended that you use the sub-category links provided on the right-hand-side of any category page (on WSB).

To track other top auctions not on eBay, including World Record sales, consider following us on facebook or twitter.

Important note about the Featured Items we track reports auction results as a convenience (see our terms of use). WSB does not have any control over auction items, sellers, or content in any eBay auction, neither do we vouch for the authenticity of items sold by sellers, nor does WSB verify whether a winning bid payment completed by a buyer, after an auction has ended.

We do not have the technical ability to screen for shady characters or fraudulent listings that are intended to deceive; Because of this you should always be mindful of potential fraud and follow eBay’s tips for avoiding fraud and buying items safely.