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Fortunes Found in Odd Places

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FOUND // Attic Discovery

Video Game Fetches $9,000

ONLINE - Time reports on a rare 1987 cult-classic video game, found by a Nevada man in the attic of his childhood home. The still sealed 'Kid Icarus' (NES, Nintendo, 1987) fetched $9,000 at Heritage Auctions.

FOUND // $218 Surplus Buy

Collects $1.8-Million Windfall

NEW YORK - NBC News reports, on vintage video tapes bought for $218 in a government surplus auction. They contained rare original Moon Landing footage. The tapes sold at Sotheby's, for $1.8-million.

FOUND // Desk Drawer Discovery

Game Piece Fetches $929,000

LONDON - A small antique carving bought for $6 and kept in drawer for decades. Was identified as a long-lost Chess-piece, missing from a rare medieval set. It sold for £735,000 ($929,000) at Sotheby's, July 2, 2019... Links

FOUND // At Garage Sale

2nd-Day Buy Gets $2-Million

NEW YORK - A bronze Buddha discovered by woman on day-2 of a garage sale for $100. Was identified as a rare imperial piece by Antiques Roadshow. It sold for $2.1 Million at Sotheby's, on March 20, 2019... Links

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