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Auction News Network
$700-Painting Purchase, Valued at $700,000

CHESHIRE, UK - A painting purchased for $700 (£400) at an antiques shop has been identified by Antiques Roadshow as a Van Dyck portrait worth $700,000 (£400,000).

Source: National Post - December 29, 2013


Auction News Network
$10 Singing-In-The-Rain 'Suit' Fetches $106,000

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA - In 1970, a retired postal worker paid $10 at an MGM sale, for the suit Gene Kelly wore in “Singin’ In the Rain." The suit has sold at auction for $106,000.

Source: Auction News Network - December 23, 2013


$29,000 in Posters Found-Under-Floorboards

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - A rare set of vintage British Rail posters found under the floorboards of a house, have sold at auction for $29,000 (£18,000).

Source: BBC - December 23, 2013


$48,000 Gold Coin Discovered with Metal Detector

SOUTH WILTSHIRE, UK - A 1,700-year-old Roman gold coin found with a metal detector in a field, is expected to fetch $48,000 (£30,000) at auction.

Source: BBC - November 21, 2013


Art Daily
$89,000 in Jewelry Discovered in Attic Suitcase

NORTHERN, SCOTLAND - A jewelry collection valued at $89,000 (£55,000) was discovered in a locked suitcase that was hidden in an attic for 70 years.

Source: The Daily Mail - December 2, 2013


Art Daily
$1.3 Billion in Art Looted by Nazis Found in Apartment

MUNICH, GERMANY - Paintings valued at $1.3 Billion have been found hidden behind tins of rotting food in an old apartment. The art had been seized by the Nazis in the 1930s and thought to have been destroyed.

Source: The Daily Mail - November 3, 2013


Art Daily
$5.9 Million for Rare Carved Figure Found in Attic

HUDSON, NEW YORK, USA - A carved Fabergé Imperial figure discovered in a Rhinebeck New York attic, has sold for $5.2 million. The sale far exceeded its pre-sale estimate of $500,000 - $800,000.

Source: Art Daily - October 30, 2013


E Online
Girl Finds Diamond Worth Up-To $30,000

ARKANSAS, USA - A fourteen year old girl has found a 3.85 carat diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park. The Diamond is thought to be worth up to $30,000.

Source: E Online - October 23, 2013


Antiques Trade Gazette
Book Found in Box May Fetch $162,000

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - A book discovered in a box during a valuation of a home's contents is a rare 18th century manuscript. It's expected to fetch $162,000 (£100,000).

Source: Antiques Trade Gazette - September 23, 2013


Huffington Post
$5 Million in Treasure Hidden in Rocky Mountains

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, USA - An eccentric millionaire has hidden a treasure chest filled with ancient artifacts, gold nuggets and precious jewels. It's valued at $5 million, and he's giving out clues.

Source: Huffington Post - September 17, 2013

Daily Mail
James Bond Car Bought For $100, Fetches $865,000

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK, USA - A man found James Bond's Lotus Esprit submarine car from the 1977 film 'The Spy Who Loved Me' in a storage unit he purchased for $100. The car has sold for $865,000.

Source: Daily Mail - September 10, 2013


Daily Mail Van Gogh Painting Worth Millions Discovered in Attic

NORWAY - A rare painting found in an attic where it had stored for more than a century has recently been authenticated. The painting, by Vincent Van Gogh, is thought to be worth tens-of-millions of dollars.

Source: Daily Mail - September 9, 2013

Tiny Painting bought for $46, may get $390,000

CANTERBURY, ENGLAND - A postcard-sized painting bought for $46, and left in a drawer for a decade, has been identified by TV's Treasure Detectives as work by John Constable worth more than $390,000.

Source: CNN - September 3, 2013

Daily Mail
$300,000 in Sunken Treasure found by Family

FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA, USA - A treasure hunting family has discovered $300,000-worth of gold chains and coins, believed to be from a 1715 Spanish shipwreck off the Florida coast.

Source: Daily Mail - September 3, 2013

Huffington Post
$15 Necklace from Flea Market may fetch $300,000

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, USA - A rare Alexander Calder Necklace that was purchased at a flea market for $15, is expected to fetch as much as $300,000.

Source: Huffington Post - August 16, 2013
Rare Stamp Bought for $5... May Be Worth $1 Million

USA - A rare Canadian postage stamp, was reportedly purchased for $5 earlier this year by a U.S. collector. Experts say the stamp could be worth as much as $1 million.

Source: - August 10, 2013

Las Vegas Sun
Gold Hoard Found in Garage Fetches $6.7 Million

CARSON CITY, NEVADA, USA - A mysterious gold hoard, discovered in the garage of a deceased Nevada recluse, has fetched a total of $6.7 million at auction, after the second-half of the coins were sold.

Source: Las Vegas Sun - August 7, 2013

$36 Million in Silver Bullion Found in Shipwreck

SW OF GALWAY, IRELAND - A deep-sea salvage company has found 61 tons of silver bullion in a World War II shipwreck, three miles below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The estimated value is $36 million.

Source: Bloomberg - July 22, 2013

The Telegraph
$150,000 Expected for Chinese Vases Found in Home

POOLE HARBOUR, DORSET, UK - A pair of five-foot-tall Vases, recently discoved in a home, have been identified as a rare Chinese antiques. They're expected to fetch over $151,000 (£100,000) at auction.

Source: The Telegraph - July 17, 2013

Daily Mail
Divers Discover Shipwreck Coins Worth $250,000

FLORIDA, USA - Divers discovered gold coins valued at $250,00 at a shipwreck site off the East Coast of Florida. In total, 48 gold coins were found, with each coin thought to be worth $4,000 each.

Source: Daily Mail - July 15, 2013

Daily Mail
$150 Box Used As 'TV Stand' Fetches $9.4 Million

SOUTH KENSINGTON, UK - A wood storage box purchased for $150 (£100) in 1970, then used as a TV stand, was identified as a rare Japanese antique, and sold for $9.4 Million (£6.3 Million).

Source: Daily Mail - July 10, 2013

Portsmouth News
Treasure Hunter Finds $18,000 Medieval Ring

HAMPSHIRE, UK - A treasure hunter armed with a metal detector, discovered a 24-carat gold ring believed to have ties to William the Conqueror. The ring sold for $18,000 (£12,000).

Source: Portsmouth News - July 2, 2013

Daily Mail
$38 'Bond Watch' from Flea Market Fetches $159,000

UK - James Bond's geiger counter wristwatch (prop) from the movie Thunderball, was found at a UK flea market (car boot sale). The watch, purchased for $38 (£25) sold at auction for $159,000 (£103,875).

Source: Daily Mail - May 21, 2013

The Queanbeyan Age
Unique $4 Cup from Thrift Shop Gets $75,000

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - A man bought unique looking cup in a thrift shop for $4. The cup turned out to be a 17th century Chinese "Libation Cup" made from rhinoceros horn. It sold at auction for $75,000.

Source: The Queanbeyan Age - June 25, 2013

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Comic Found-in-Wall of Old House Fetches $175,000

HOFFMAN, MINNESOTA, USA - A man bought an abandoned home for $10,000 then found a rare 1938 Superman Comic Book hidden in a wall during the homes remodel. The Comic fetched $175,000.

Source: - June 11, 2013

Auction News Network
$1 Million in Coins Fall From Attic During Remodel

LES RICEYS, FRANCE - 497 Gold Coins fell from the ceiling of an old barn a workman was renovating. The coins are expected to fetch $1 Million, and French law entitles the workman to half the proceeds.

Source: Auction News Network - May 30, 2013

London Evening Standard
$746,000 for Glass Bowl Found on Mantel

LONDON, UK - A rare 2,500-year-old Persian Bowl, which unknowingly rested as a nice glass mantelpiece in a family's home for 60-years, has fetched $746,000 (£481,250) auction.

Source: London Evening Standard - May 2, 2013

The Daily Mail
$844,000 for Doorstep Discovered at Bungalow

DEVON, UK - An ancient Buddhist artifact found at a bungalow, where it was being used as a doorstep, has fetched a family $844,000 (£553,250) auction.

Source: The Daily Mail - April 23, 2013

Auction News Network
$212,500 for Old Flag Found in Trunk

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA, USA - A man found an thirteen-star U.S. flag in an old trunk belonging to his great-grandfather. The 18th century flag has fetched $212,500 at auction.

Source: Auction News Network - April 18, 2013
$8 Thrift Store Video Game may fetch $15,000

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA - A woman who purchased a rare Video Game at a Goodwill Thrift Store for $8, may fetch up to $15,000 for the game, at auction.

Source: - April 17, 2013

This Is Kent
$230,000 Expected for Bowl Found in Cupboard

EAST ANGLIA, UK - A couple discovered a rare Chinese Bowl hidden in the back of their of their cupboard. The bowl, dating from 1662 to 1722, is expected to fetch up to $230,000 (£150,000) at auction.

Source: This Is Kent - April 12, 2013

South West News Service
Old Coins Found in Rusting Tool Box Fetch $45,000

DEVON, UK - A small collection of old coins discovered in a rusty tool box, has fetched $45,000 (£30,000) at auction. The set included rare coins from the reign of Queen Victoria and King George V.

Source: South West News Service - April 4, 2013

Paul Fraser Collectibles
Fragment of Francis Bacon Painting Fetches $41,500

GUILDFORD, SURREY, UK - An amateur artist's paintings found with fragments of works by Francis Bacon hidden on the back of his canvases. One of the top (painting) fragments fetched $41,500.

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles - March 22, 2013

Los Angeles Time
$3 Garage Sale Bowl Fetches $2.2 Million

NEW YORK, USA - A rare Chinese bowl purchased at a garage sale for $3, has sold for $2.2 Million at an auction. The bowl, from the Northern Song Dynasty is dated between the years 960 and 1127.

Source: Los Angeles Times - March 20, 2013

Antiques Trade Gazette
Buried Statue Found in Garden, Fetches $52,000

MIDLAND, UK - A statue found buried in a garden's undergrowth, recently fetched $52,000 (£35,000) at auction. The statue was by a skilled craftsmen known for making gates for Buckingham Palace.

Source: Antiques Trade Gazette - March 19, 2013

CBS New York
$30 Million in Art Discovered by Home Buyer

BELLPORT, NEW YORK, USA - After purchasing a cottage (reportedly for around $300,000) a man discovers thousands of rare paintings in the homes garage. The collection has been valued at $30 million.

Source: CBS New York - March 7, 2013

Paul Fraser Collectibles
Vases Found in Home May Fetch $1.5 Million

OKLAHOMA CITY, USA - A pair of rare Russian Vases discovered in a home where they had been overlooked for years, are expected to fetch $1.5 million at auction.

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles - February 26, 2013

The Daily Mail
$880,000 Plate Precariously Hanging on Cottage Wall

SOMERSET, UK - A rare 16th century Italian plate, found hanging by a flimsy wire behind a door in a cottage, has fetched $880,000 (£567,000) at auction.

Source: The Daily Mail - February 15, 2013

Time Colonist
Card bought for $100 at Yard-Sale Fetches $92,000

BAILEYVILLE, MAINE, USA - A man who bought an hodgepodge of items at a rummage sale for less than $100, was surprised to discover an 1865 baseball card that fetched $92,000 at auction.

Source: Times Colonist - February 6, 2013

The Daily Mail
Roman Coffin Used As Flower Planter Worth $157,000

NORTHUMBERLAND, UK - An ancient Roman Coffin (found) being used as a flower planter (see another similar/recent discovery below) has been valued at $157,000 (£100,000).

Source: The Daily Mail - January 30, 2013

North Devon Gazette
'Old Cup' Discovered in Cupboard May Fetch $31,000

NORTH DEVON, UK - A Cup, found in a cupboard and thought to be 'brass,' turned out to be a solid-gold horse racing trophy from South Africa (1931). It's expected to fetch as much as $31,000 (£20,000).

Source: North Devon Gazette - January 30, 2013

International Business Times
Coin Found in Matchbox Sells for $353,000

SALISBURY, UK - A rare coin discovered in a matchbox during a house cleaning, has fetched $353,000 at auction. The rare U.S. half-cent coin is an exceptional example of one, of the 1,400 minted.

Source: International Business Times - January 24, 2013

The Huffington Post
$300,000 Gold Nugget found with Metal Detector

BALLARAT, AUSTRALIA - An Australian Man has discovered a twelve-pound Gold Nugget using a handheld metal detector. Based on today's gold prices, by weight the nugget is valued at $300,000.

Source: The Huffington Post - January 17, 2013

The Huffington Post
Man Finds $50,000 Violin in Trash

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, USA - A man who retrieved an old violin from the trash, brought it to (PBS) Antiques Roadshow and was surprised to learn the violin was valued at $50,000.

Source: The Huffington Post - January 8, 2013