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The Advertiser
$1 Million for Desk & Chair Found in Small Town

CARENCRO, LOUISIANA, USA - A rare Louis Majorelle desk and chair found in a small town have sold for $1 million. The desk ($365,000) and chair ($653,000) were sold separately by Sotheby's.

Source: The Advertiser - December 17, 2014


The Daily Mail
Million Dollar Book Found in Library

SAINT-OMER, FRANCE - A rare William Shakespeare book has been discovered in a provincial library in France. Some believe the book may be worth millions.

Source: The Daily Mail - November 25, 2014


Antiques Trade Gazette
$138,000 for Dusty-Figure Found in Cupboard

NETHERHAMPTON, UK - A dusty antique African ritual figure, found on top of a cupboard in England, has sold for $138,000 (£88,000). The Fang bieri figure was sold by Netherhampton Salesrooms.

Source: Antiques Trade Gazette - November 19, 2014


$999,253 for Painting Found in Attic

LONDON, UK - A painting by John Duncan Fergusson, Poise (1916), discovered in a French attic, has sold for $999,253 (£638,500). The painting was sold by Christie's.

Source: The Courier - November 19, 2014


Gloucestershire Echo
$273,000 for Old Paperweight

CHELTENHAM, UK - A widow whose late husband unknowingly bought a rare Ming Dynasty paperweight 50 years ago for $112, watched it sell for $273,000 (£170,000) at Mallams.

Source: Gloucestershire Echo - October 24, 2014


$350,000 Nugget Found in California Mountains

BUTTE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, USA - A six-pound gold nugget has been discovered by a gold hunter in California's Butte County Mountains. The nugget has been valued at $350,000.

Source: SFGate - October 22, 2014


Scotland Now
$1.6 Million in Viking Treasure Found by Scotsman

SCOTLAND - $1.6 Million (£1 Million) in Viking Treasure has been unearthed in southwest Scotland by an amateur treasure hunter with a metal detector.

Source: Scotland Now - October 13, 2014


Western Morning News $79,469 for Jewelry Found in ($160) Estate Sale Trunk

LONDON, UK - An Agatha Christie fan received $79,469 (£49,275) for diamond jewelry hidden inside a trunk she bought from the Christie estate for $160 (£100). The jewelry was sold by Bonhams.

Source: Western Morning News - October 8, 2014


The Daily Mail
$60 Flea-Market Brooch Fetches $17,500

STAFFORDSHIRE, UK - A rare Cartier brooch bought in a box of costume jewellery at a flea market for $60 (£38) has sold at auction for $17,500 (£10,800).

Source: The Daily Mail - September 29, 2014


New York Post
‘Sopranos’ Star Discovers Artwork Worth Millions

FRANKFURT, GERMANY - “Sopranos” star, Federico Castelluccio, has discovered a lost 17th-century painting by artist Guercino that’s worth millions..

Source: New York Post - September 29, 2014


Bleeding Cool
Comic Found Behind Sofa Worth Up To $350,000

BELGIUM - A page of original Tin Tin comic art discovered behind the sofa of a Belgian comics collector is expected to fetch $250,000 - $350,000. The comic art will be sold next month.

Source: Bleeding Cool - September 25, 2014


The Daily Mail
Rare Coin Found in Field May Fetch $1.7 Million

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, UK - An extremely rare 1652 (U.S.) Colonial Coin, (Silver Threepenny), found in a field by a 42 year old metal detecting enthusiast may fetch $1.7 million..

Source: The Daily Mail - September 8, 2014


$100,000 Mural Found in Old Barn

MOUNT VERNON, WASHINGTON, USA - An original 1941 Mural painted by William Cunning has been discovered in a barn. The painting was identified by art dealer John Braseth.

Source: KOMO News - August 17, 2014


Found Plate and Teapot Fetch $64,000

DEVON, UK - A rare Sevres plate and teapot discovered in a home, have fetched $64,000 (£38,000) collectively. The items were sold as part of the European Ceramics sale at Bonhams in London.

Source: BBC - June 18, 2014


CBS News
Found Treasure May Yield $1 Billion

SOUTH CAROLINA COAST, USA - A Shipwreck off the South Carolina coast could yield as much as $1 billion in gold. The ship, the SS Central America, sank back in 1857 while carrying tons of gold.

Source: CBS News - May 6, 2014


The Telegraph
$252,000 for Rare Carved 'Doorstop'

HERTFORDSHIRE, UK - A rare Chinese pot that was used as a doorstop for 40 years, has sold for $252,000 (£150,000) before buyers premium. The pot was sold by Sworders.

Source: The Telegraph - April 29, 2014


The Daily Mail
$166,000 for Statue Purchased for Pennies

WINCHCOMBE, UK - A rare statue purchased in a Tibetan market for pennies, has sold for $166,000 . The statue was sold by British Bespoke Auctions.

Source: The Daily Mail - April 25, 2014


ABC 57
$25,000 Value for $10 Painting Found in Thrift Shop

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, USA - A rare painting bought in an Thrift Shop (Goodwill) has been valued between $25,000 - $50,000 . The painting was purchased for $10.

Source: ABC 57 - April 17, 2014


$100,000 for Painting Found on Cottage Wall

WELSHPOOL, UK - A rare oil painting by a Dutch master was found hanging on a cottage wall. The painting has fetched $100,000 (£60,000) at auction.

Source: BBC - April 17, 2014


The Daily Mail
$419,000 Value for Huge Pearl on Found Earring

SALISBURY, UK - The world's largest natural pearl which was discovered by accident (on an earring) is expected to fetch $419,000 (£250,000) in an upcoming auction.

Source: The Daily Mail - April 10, 2014


The Daily Mail
$1.1 Million for Medal Found in Pawn Shop

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, USA - A 1936 Nobel Peace Prize that was found in a South American pawn shop, has sold for $1.1 million. The Medal is the second Nobel Peace Prize ever to be sold at auction.

Source: The Daily Mail - March 28, 2014


Auto Week
$600,000 Value on 1967 Corvette Found in Garage

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, USA - A 1967 Corvette has been found in Garage with 2,996 original miles. The car was valued at $600,000 - $800,000.

Source: Auto Week - March 21, 2014


The Daily Mail
$33 Million for Golden Egg Found in 'Scrap Buy'

MIDWEST, USA - A scrap dealer who purchased a golden egg at a flea market for $13,000, has discovered he bought a Faberge Ornamental egg valued at $33 million (£20 million).

Source: The Daily Mail - March 19, 2014


Paul Fraser Collectibles
$3,500-Paid for Royal Bed valued at $33 Million

CHESTER, UK - An antique bed that was purchased for $3,500 at auction, has been identified as once belonging to King Henry VII, and is now valued at $33 million (£20 million).

Source: Paul Fraser Collectibles - March 11, 2014


New York Times
$75 Million for da Vinci Painting found at Estate Sale

LONDON, UK - A Leonardo da Vinci painting found by a dealer attending an American estate sale, has sold in a private transaction for more than $75 million.

Source: New York Times - March 3, 2014

$10 Million in Gold Coins Discovered by Couple

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA, USA - A couple has unearthed $10 million in gold coins. They discovered the 19th-century U.S. coins buried in rusty cans, in their back yard.

Source: - February 25, 2014


The Daily Mail
Chinese Panels Found in Bungalow Fetch $861,000

SHERBORNE, UK - A rare set of four Chinese panels found strewn about in an elderly man's bungalow, have sold at auction for $861,000 (£516,600).

Source: The Daily Mail - February 17, 2014


Huffington Post
$20,000 Marvin Gaye Passport Found in 50¢ Record

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA - Marvin Gaye's 1964 Passport was found tucked away in a 50¢ record that was bought by a man at an estate sale. The passport has been valued at $20,000.

Source: Huffington Post - February 4, 2014


Antiques Roadshow
$75,000 Value for Photo Album Found in Basement

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA - An antique photo album found by a woman cleaning her grandmothers basement, has been valued at $75,000-$100,000. Album had a signed photo of Abraham Lincoln.

Source: Antiques Roadshow - February 3, 2014


Rare Penny Found in Desk Drawer may fetch $250,000

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA, USA - An extremely rare Aluminum Penny, discovered in a desk drawer, where it spent 33 years, is expected to fetch up-to $250,000 at auction.

Source: KEYC TV - January 30, 2014


Antique Trader
Doll Found in Trash Fetches $14,220

FAIRFIELD, MAINE, USA - A rare (Izannah Walker) cloth doll saved from a trash-heap by a late Rhode Island woman over 20 years ago, has sold for $14,220.

Source: Antique Trader - January 12, 2014