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FOUND - $86,000 Medieval Ring in Sherwood Forest

December 21, 2016

FOUND - Ancient Roman Ingot Worth £60,000 ($74,000)

November 22, 2016

Coin Week
FOUND - $98,000 Nugget by Australian Prospector

INGLEWOOD, AUSTRAILIA - An 87-ounce solid gold nugget has been found by a prospector armed with a metal detector. The nugget value has been estimated at $98,000 ($130,000 AUD).

Source: Coin Week - March 3, 2015


Archaeological Institute of America
FOUND - $76,000 Pendant with Metal Detector

DISS, NORFOLK, UK - An archaeology student with a metal detector discovered an Anglo-Saxon grave on farmland and found a rare pendant. UK news reports value the pendant at $76,000 (£50,000).

Source: Archaeological Institute of America - February 27, 2015


The Daily Mail
$1.6 Million in Coins Found with Metal Detector

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK - A 1,000-year-old hoard of Anglo Saxon coins valued $1.5 Million (£1 Million) was discovered by an amateur treasure hunter with a metal detector.

Source: The Daily Mail - January 2, 2015


Scotland Now $1.6 Million in Viking Treasure Found by Scotsman

SCOTLAND - $1.6 Million (£1 Million) in Viking Treasure has been unearthed in southwest Scotland by an amateur treasure hunter with a metal detector.

Source: Scotland Now - October 13, 2014


Daily Mail
Divers Discover Shipwreck Coins Worth $250,000

FLORIDA, USA - Divers discovered gold coins valued at $250,00 at a shipwreck site off the East Coast of Florida. In total, 48 gold coins were found, with each coin thought to be worth $4,000 each.

Source: Daily Mail - July 15, 2013


Portsmouth News
Treasure Hunter Finds $18,000 Medieval Ring

HAMPSHIRE, UK - A treasure hunter armed with a metal detector, discovered a 24-carat gold ring believed to have ties to William the Conqueror. The ring sold for $18,000 (£12,000).

Source: Portsmouth News - July 2, 2013


The Huffington Post
$300,000 Gold Nugget found with Metal Detector

BALLARAT, AUSTRALIA - An Australian Man has discovered a twelve-pound Gold Nugget using a handheld metal detector. Based on today's gold prices, by weight the nugget is valued at $300,000.

Source: The Huffington Post - January 17, 2013

Coin Found in Potato Field Fetches $430,000

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK, USA - An extremely rare early American coin (dated 1652) discovered in a Long Island potato field with a metal detector (in 1991) has fetched $430,000 at auction.

Source: The Daily Mail - November 23, 2012


The York Press
Coin Found Near Bridge May Collect $95,000

STAMFORD, UK - Two treasure-hunters say they have found a coin in a field near a Stamford Bridge (with a metal detector) that could bring at least $95,000 (£60,000)

Source: The York Press - November 16, 2012


Daily Mail
Novice Treasure Hunter Finds $161,000 in Coins

ST ALBANS, HERTFORDSHIRE, UK - A novice treasure hunter who purchased an entry level metal detector, has discovered a Roman Coin Hoard that could be worth $161,000 (£100,000).

Source: Daily Mail - October 16, 2012


Metal Detector Enthusiast Find $15 Million Coin Trove

JERSEY, UK - Two english metal detector enthusiasts have discovered up to $15 million (£10 million) worth of Roman and Celtic coins after 30 years of searching.

Source: BBC - June 26, 2012


$156,000 Belt Buckle Discovered with Metal Detector

SCOTLAND - A rare 'Cricket' belt buckle was found by a man with with his metal detector on holiday in Scotland. The buckle is expected to fetch $156,000 (£100,000).

Source: BBC - January 16, 2012




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