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FOUND - Sunken Treasure Worth $17-Billion

May 24, 2018

FOUND - $13 Million in Coins Discovered in 'Desert' Shipwreck

June 10, 2016

CBS News

FOUND - $4.5 Million in 18th Century Shipwreck

Source: CBS News - August 19, 2015

Huffington Post

FOUND - $17,000 Gold Bar by Girl Swimming in Lake

Source: Huffington Post - August 12, 2015


FOUND - $1 Million in Sunken Treasure

Source: CBS News - July 28, 2015

Photo: The Langley Collection

FOUND - $50 Million in Sunken Treasure

Source: Daily Mail - April 15, 2015


FOUND - $10,000 Pearl Discovered in Seafood Stew

SWAMPSCOTT, MASSACHUSETTS, USA - A policeman discovered a rare lavender pearl, weighing more than six carats in his seafood stew. The pearl's expected to fetch $10-15,000 in a Kaminski Auction.
Source: CBS - February 19, 2015

CBS News

Shipwreck Treasure May Yield $1 Billion

SOUTH CAROLINA COAST, USA - A Shipwreck off the South Carolina coast could yield as much as $1 billion in gold. The ship, the SS Central America, sank back in 1857 while carrying tons of gold.
Source: CBS News - May 6, 2014

Daily Mail

$300,000 in Sunken Treasure found by Family

FORT PIERCE, FLORIDA, USA - A treasure hunting family has discovered $300,000-worth of gold chains and coins, believed to be from a 1715 Spanish shipwreck off the Florida coast.

Source: Daily Mail - September 3, 2013


$36 Million in Silver Bullion Found in Shipwreck

SW OF GALWAY, IRELAND - A deep-sea salvage company has found 61 tons of silver bullion in a World War II shipwreck, three miles below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The estimated value is $36 million.

Source: Bloomberg - July 22, 2013


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