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$2.58 Million for Rare 1792 U.S. Cent (New Record)

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA - An extremely rare U.S. penny, born out of political controversy and known as one of the earliest U.S. coins, set a new world record by fetching $2.58 million at Heritage Auctions.

Source: What Sells Best - January 19, 2015


$7.6 Million for 1933 U.S. Gold Coin

A 1933 Double Eagle gold coin sold for $7.6 million by Sotheby's Auction House. The sale set a new world record at the time. The coin was minted in 1933, which was the last year of production for the Double Eagle. The coins were never officially circulated and nearly all were melted down, due to a 1933 U.S. law which outlawed the circulation and private possession of United States gold coins for general circulation.

Source: - July 30, 2002